Representative Advisory Councils

Committee Finance & Regulations

The Finance & Regulations Committee (F&R) examines a number of dossiers and reports on these topics to the CMR. For example, the framework letter (kaderbrief), the AUAS budget, the Teaching and Examination Regulations (OER) and the Students' Charter.

Amendments to other regulations, such as the Management Regulations, the Regulations for Participation in Decision-making, the Elections Regulations and the Regulations for Degree Programme Committees, are also examined in advance by the Committee who then provides a preliminary recommendation to the CMR.

The committee meets several times a year with the vice-chairman of the Executive Board who has Finance and Housing in his portfolio, and the head of the Planning & Control department to discuss financial matters.

In addition, a member of the committee is a member of the AUAS-wide working group that makes proposals for the annual review of the Teaching and Examination Regulations.

The following people are F&R committee members for the academic year 2018-2019:

- Willem Brouwer (employee)

- Paul Disco (employee)

- Bas Heilig (student)

- Mark van der Horst (employee)

- Jeffrey Meijer (student)

- Remus Otten (student)

- Kees Post (chairman, employee)

- Sip Stulp (employee)

- Agnes Tay (employee)

- Mark Thomas (employee)

Published by  Communication 21 January 2019