Representative Advisory Councils

Personnel & Organisation Committee

The Personnel and Organisation Committee (P&O) works on all sorts of dossiers concerning AUAS strategic personnel policy and related themes. The P&O committee also supervises the implementation of collective agreement measures (CAO). The committee therefore deals with topics such as the internal complaints procedure, sustainable employability, professionalisation, flexible work, work pressure and more.

The P&O committee meets with the HR department on a monthly basis. The committee also consults annually with company doctors, confidential advisers and the ombudsman.

In the academic year 2018-2019, the P&O committee consists of:

- Han Boels (employee)

- Willem Brouwer (employee)

- Bas Heilig (student)

- Mark van der Horst (employee)

- Chris Kremer (employee)

- Jari Kuipers (student)

- Kiek van der Putte (interim chairman, employee)

- Hajar Rifi (employee)

- Wil Roelofsen (employee)

- Sip Stulp (employee)

- Agnes Tay (employee)

- Mark Thomas (employee)

- Martijn Wolffenbuttel (student)

Published by  Communication 3 December 2020