Representative Advisory Councils

Faculty-level representation

In addition to the central council (CMR) there are eight additional councils: seven of these represent the AUAS faculties. The AUAS also has a separate representative advisory council for staff and service departments (staven en diensten).

This is the representative advisory council for all AUAS employees who work at the central level, such as those employed by the various executive staff departments and service departments. The council members are exclusively employees.

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These advisory bodies represents all employees and students in a given faculty. Depending on the size of the faculty, the faculty representative advisory councils have 12 to 24 seats, half of which are reserved for students and half for members of staff. As in the Central Representative Advisory Council (CMR), members generally serve on the council for a two-year term.

The Faculty Representative Advisory Councils have the same rights as the CMR, except for the right of approval over the budget. Together with the faculty's dean, the faculty council discusses policy matters which affect the entire faculty and therefore each individual programmes within it as well. Such matters include accommodations, scheduling, staff policies (delegation of tasks/workload) and certain articles of the Teaching and Examination Regulations (TER).

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Every two years, elections are held to appoint members to the Faculty Representative Advisory Council. By-elections are held in case of vacancies.

Depending on the size of the faculty, six, nine or twelve students will be appointed to the council, along with an equal number of staff.

The elections are held in the second quarter of the calendar year and are announced in advance via central AUAS communication channels.

Published by  Communication 8 February 2019