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Remote Learning

Your digital learning environment (DLE)

Working in Brightspace, collaborating with your project team, keeping a close eye on your email inbox. It’s all crucial during this period of online education. We have a few tips to get you started:

Enroll in your courses via courseselector.mijnhva.nl

Make sure you have access to your courses in Brightspace. This is necessary in order to participate in online education and to receive important information from your lecturers!

  • Search for your degree programme on courseselector.mijnhva.nl as well as your year of study and your subjects.
  • Then click on 'Enroll' for your relevant courses and choose your class.
  • Visit your courses in Brightspace by using the Follow list (click the star symbol in the menu) or navigate directly to Brightspace via dlo.mijnhva.nl .

Check your student email regularly!

Your lecturers, fellow students and the AUAS/HvA use your @hva.nl email address to keep you informed of important information about your study programme and remote education. It is particularly important to keep a close eye on your hva email at the moment.

Information about logging in and accessing email on your phone can be found in the A-Z list > E-mail .

Secure and efficient collaboration via microsoft 365

Secure your account in two steps and immediately use all the benefits of Microsoft 365 :

  • With Microsoft Teams you can easily collaborate online, make video calls and chat with fellow students and external parties. In this environment you can work together in files; via phone, tablet, laptop or pc.
  • You can easily and securely store files up to 1 TB via OneDrive .
  • You can also make free use of the well-known applications in the Office Package such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Organise your Brightspace environment

Make it easy on yourself by organising your Brightspace environment. Take a look at the Brightspace Quick Start Guide.

1. Set up your Brightspace notifications and stay informed!

Do you miss a lot of announcements from, for example, your lecturers? Decide for yourself which Brightspace email updates you’d like to receive.

  • In Brightspace, click on your name in the top right corner and choose Notifications.
  • We advise you to sign up for the new Announcements since many lecturers share important information this way

2. Pin your main Brightspace courses:

  • Open the course overview in Brightspace using the 'waffle'.
  • Pin your most important Brightspace courses here so that they are displayed first in Brightspace. That will save you time searching.

3. Bookmark the most important learning objects in your course:

  • Open a learning object and click on the banner in the upper right corner
  • These learning objects can now easily be found under your Bookmarks (under Content).

Questions about Brightspace?

Learn more about Brightspace through Brightspace itself. Here you will get acquainted with, for example, taking quizzes and handing in assignments. Click here to go to the Student Course . Don't have access? Ask your lecturer for help.

Want to know more about how Brightspace works? Go to the Brightspace Help page .

Published by  Communication 31 August 2020