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Remote Learning

Your study space

The majority of education still has to be held online. Because you’re spending a lot more time at home studying, it's good to think about your study space. After all, a good study place is good for your health, your productivity and your mood. And you’ll lower your risk of developing (temporary) aches in your arms, neck or shoulders.

Set up a good study space

Don't have a suitable study space at home?

  • Do you need a study spot at AUAS? If you have issues such as a physical disability, trouble concentrating, or a home situation (family circumstances) that prevent you from studying effectively, please contact the student counsellor for your degree programme. With a demonstrable, legitimate reason, you will be given priority when reserving a study spot.
  • More information on how to reserve your study spot.

Bring the library into your home

  • Does music distract you too much while studying? Or does your study place at home not even remotely resemble that of the library? Put on your headphone or earbuds, switch on the soundscape and in no time you will imagine yourself in the study space of the Onlinebrary.

Keep moving often

  • Keep moving as much as you can in between your lectures, projects and studying. Stretching exercises are important for your arms, neck and shoulders. The Workrave programme offers you reminders for taking breaks and has some nice exercises.
  • Want to keep moving in a creative way? Students from the Academy for Sport and Physical Education (ALO) have tips for you! Check out their fun videos on Instagram (@stayhomelo ) and YouTube at StayHomeLO .

Take plenty of breaks

  • Make sure you change your posture regularly by standing up and getting yourself a beverage. In addition, make sure that you also stretch your legs and get some fresh air once in a while, if it’s possible to do so while keeping your distance from others.

Studying in warm weather

Additional tips from AUAS students:

  • Find a place where you can have fresh air, as well as food and drinks at your fingertips (if you have long lectures).
  • Minimise the distractions around you. Feel free to send those brothers / sisters / parents / roommates out of your room!
  • It's important to get enough natural light if you don't go outside a lot.
  • A tidy desk gives you peace of mind.
  • Choose one regular place to study (then you'll associate it with studying). Use the other space(s) for chilling (bed/couch).
Published by  Communication 14 September 2020