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Start new academic year

How will we start after summer?

The AUAS suddenly ended up in a worldwide crisis in March that forced us to switch from teaching on our campuses to studying and working entirely online.

It was always our ambition to offer more digital education, but the corona crisis forced us to undergo this transition extremely quickly and under immense pressure. As a result, our premise of offering in-person education has been upended and we've lost the balance between on-campus and remote studying and working.

It is evident now, more than ever, that we need to meet on our campuses to guarantee the quality of our education and research. Moreover, it's simply more fun and enjoyable to see each other in person rather than on our screens. We have to find a new balance. Fortunately, we've discovered lots of inspiring solutions for online education that will help us further develop blended learning in the future. There's plenty of creativity at the AUAS, shown in all the ways we've managed to keep in touch with each other online.


Fortunately, the corona restrictions have been eased and more and more is possible. Step by step we are now looking at how we can tackle the coming year together. To start with, the first block. The big picture is now clear to us and we are currently working out the details.

The way it's looking at the moment, the AUAS community can expect the following (in general) at the start of the new academic year:

  • Our aim is that on-campus education will be organised at least once a week for every student. Due to the 1,5 meter measure, the capacity in the buildings is still limited. Teaching and examinations will therefore still primarily take place online, and an analysis will take place per programme to determine how the exact time and space will be divided between different groups. New students will of course receive special attention.
  • Events related to education and research are possible again, but remain limited.
  • You can use the libraries. However, reservations are required.
  • The canteens will remain closed. Other forms of catering will be available.
  • For the safety of everyone, the buildings will be redesigned, taking into account the 1.5 m distancing. The ventilation systems have also been checked, so that we can be absolutely sure that they meet the requirements.

You will from your faculty or study programme, exactly what this means for you as soon as possible and definitely before the start of the academic year.


If you have any questions regarding the corona restrictions, please refer to the FAQ on amsterdamuas.com/coronainfo.

Are you in need of help or a listening ear? Please contact Student Info:

Published by  Communication 21 July 2020