Quality framework for prevention of sexual abuse in youth care

This Quality framework provides recommendations to decrease sexual abuse in youth care and to promote the healthy sexual development of young people.

The recommendations are clustered in five chapters. Each chapter contains several recommendations. For every recommendation a description is given how the recommendation ought to be implemented. All the recommendations are based on the report of Samson Committee in the Netherlands, titled ‘Surrounded by care, yet not safe’. Youth care organizations can use this quality framework to enhance their quality systems to increase the safety of young people in care.

Link: http://www.fice.nl/sites/fice.nl/files/field/attachment/quality_framework_prevention_of_sexual_abuse_in_youth_care_1.pdf

Table of contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Reading guide
  3. The basis
  4. Addressing the inability to provide adequate support
  5. The young person
  6. The organization
  7. Foster care



Target group:

Professionals, policy makers, lecturers




Jeugdzorg Nederland


Jeugdzorg Nederland

Year of publication:


Published by  Safe 26 June 2017