Organising a summer school

On this page you find all available materials to organise a summer school at your own university.

These materials consist of a two-week schedule, exercises and other materials, PPT's etc. for the lessons and general tips for organising this event.

The summer school gives students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the subject of relationships, intimacy, and sexuality and is specifically designed for students studying social work or pedagogical sciences.The program is perfectly suited for students who have already completed a work placement in youth care institution (residential youth care, foster care supervisor).

If you are interested in organising a summer school on this topic and have questions please contact us . The materials are free of charge. If you need help or if you want the project partners to organize the summer school for you this can be arranged for a remuneration.

This table provides an overview of the time dedicated to the different themes during the curriculum of the summer school and the types of learning activities

Values, rules and regulations

Day Hours Activities
1 3 Group activity: value game, statement game
Teacher presentation
Video on comprehensive sex education
Small group assignment using WHO document
6 2,5 Workshop, individual assignment: How to be
an ambassador for sexuality education

Sexual development

Day Hours Activities
2 3,5 Teacher presentation sexual development
Group activity exploring differences in one's sexual development
Sexual development puzzle
Weblecture: open the website and scroll down to the Flagsystem part 1. Click on the weblecture of Erika Frans with the title: what about sexual development? Watch the weblecture
Discussing sexual development. To the exercise

Sexual identity and cultural diversity

Sexual risk behaviour

Day Hours Activities
3 2,5 Teacher presentation: flag system
Small group assignment: the story of Jo and Sam
Selfstudy. Students read the article young people in residential care: various needs for sexuality education (Kuyper & Hoing, 2017)
Student exercise: working with the flagsystem
4 3 Lecture about On Risk

Talking about sexuality with clients

Day Hours Activities
6 3,5 Selfstudy. Students read this article: Bernaards, C., Walpot, M., Riis Hansen, G., Moentjes ns, G. (2017) Core competencies for safeguarding young people in care. Safeguarding Projectmanagement: UAUS Amsterdam
Group exercise it is all about the words
Small groups assignment using PLISSIT model and case histories
Demonstration of materials, games and tools to talk with clients
7 3,5 Icebreaker: The balloon excercise
Weblecture on how to work with traumatized children and group assignment
Exercise: The two suitcases

Published by  Safe 11 December 2018