Getting Comfy: Personalizing Your Room

Posted at: 17 Apr 2018

Use these simple tricks to transform your bland room into a place you never want to leave!

I feel at home in my new room!

Moving to a new place can be very intimidating. There are different people, places, languages and foods to get used to. With that being said, it is important to make your place of residence feel like a home away from home and a place where you can unwind and relax. The new room you will be staying in will probably be empty of decorations and will not be personalized like your room at home might be. However, there are many simple things you can do so your new room feels comfortable!

When it comes to someone’s bedroom, everyone has their own personal style. An easy way of customizing any room can be found in purchasing small items to add some flare to an otherwise blank space. Within the first week of moving to Amsterdam, I went to the local IKEA to buy necessary items for my room like a towel, a pan and a trash bin.

Adding simple accessories to a plain room, on top of these necessary items, can make a huge difference. The bedding that was provided to us by the residence company was dark grey. I decided to purchase a more decorative, floral bedspread to add a little decoration to my room. I also bought an extra pillow and a fuzzy blanket so my bed would be more cozy.

Adding accessories is a fun way to feel at home, but it is also important to bring something from your home country to your new space! When people move away from their home, family, and friends, they might feel homesick at times.

One way to combat this feeling is by putting pictures of loved ones around your room. I got pictures printed of my family and friends and easily put them on the wall of my room. If I ever miss them I can look up and there they are smiling down at me! I feel more comfortable in my room since I have moved in fully and I know it is somewhere I can feel completely at ease. This is also a great way to start integrating memories from your time abroad into your old life. By easily adding new pictures from new experience and trips, you can showcase the new friends you might make and the places you might visit!

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