Get a job

Posted at: 16 Jan 2019

Why not get a job during your studies?

Finding a job.

Finding a job is not always easy and the fact that you are in a different country makes it even harder. While looking for work, phrases like “Dutch language skills required” can often be discouraging, but the most important thing is to always remember not to give up.

When I was looking for a job, I felt sometimes desperate. Since my Dutch is on a really basic level, I was not able to apply for many jobs I found in the world wide web. And for those I asked for via E-Mail, I did not receive any response. However, now I am working in a small post office for PostNL, not far away from where I live, and you are for sure asking yourself now: how do I do it?

I have to admit that sometimes you just need luck in your life. A tenant in my building was looking around for someone, who is willing to stand up early and work at the same place as she does. I applied for it and even though they were asking for Dutch skills first, after my application and a try out morning, they decided to take me. Therefore, I can recommend you, depending on your skills and interests, to just ask around, no matter if you do not match perfectly with the job requirements.

Another option is – if you like to cycle around the city as a job – to start in a food delivery service. Deliveroo and Uber Eats for example are always looking for students serving their customers by bringing food from A to B. All you need is your own bicycle and English skills only, since you will just have little chats with customers. What they offer you is full flexibility in working hours and the payment is alright.

What, you are terrible in cycling? Me as well! Then you should definitely look for something on the internet. There are many webpages where current offers are available. To make it all easier for you, check out the following list:


To sum up, don't be afraid of asking around, apply for jobs even though they request something that's not a 100% match and most important, continue looking. And you will hopefully soon gain experience in working abroad. I wish you the best of luck!

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