Relax, take it easy

Posted at: 11 Jan 2019 | Student Affairs

Refill your batteries in the nature of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is beautiful. All this old streets, buildings, tiny bars and of curse the famous canals called „grachten“ make this city a place where it is challenging not to take a picture all five minutes. But after the first weeks I noticed as well how crowded Amsterdam is. Because of all the old tiny streets that are not made for so many tourists, bikes and cars I felt like here was no air to breath and no silence to hear my own thoughts.
The university is a busy place as well, especially around exam phase and if you live like me with 170 students in one building silence is a rare occasion as well.

However there are spaces in Amsterdam to calm down, relax or study in peace: Parks! There are so many! Of curse there is the big Vondelpark, perfect if you want to have a picnic with friends or to do some yoga. Or do you prefer to have a walk in the woods? Than the Amsterdamse Bos will be perfect for you. Smaller parks like the Beatixpark, the Frankendael Park or the Oosterpark are beautiful as well. I love to meet there with friends, to sit under a tree and study, learn how to throw a football or to fall down from a slackline.
And if it is not raining, and yes this day exists in Amsterdam, why not jumping into the Gaasperplas or chill a the beach of Pllek? And if you really want to get out of Amsterdam, then a visit of the beach in Zandvoort or heading to another city like Utrecht, Rotterdam or Den Haag might be a good choice.
Anyway, as soon as your batteries are filled up, you will start to miss the busy streets of Amsterdam agin.

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