Amsterdam tips

Posted at: 18 Apr 2019

Welcome to Amsterdam! If you have already settled into your room and unpacked, it is time to discover Amsterdam tips.

Hanging out with incredible people is always the best

Sunshine can be tricky - do not believe it

You open your window and see a super shiny day with no clouds. First of all you are very lucky because from October to April it is hard to find a sunny day. Still, you should not believe the sun. Weather changes very quickly here - it could be raining anytime, so always carry your umbrella or raincoat with you and wear thick clothes.

Even though it looks sunny, the weather can change so fast

Buy or rent a bike - don’t forget to lock it

The best way to travel around is by cycling. Amsterdam is one of the best cities for that, so do not be scared. But of course you need to be careful while you are parking your bike. Do not forget to lock it - you do not want your bike to be stolen, and always use more than one lock. Also be careful about where you are parking otherwise police can tow away your bike.

Carry your own food

Amsterdam is one of the most expensive cities in Europe. As a student it can be very hard to afford all the costs. That is why I suggest you cook at home and bring your food with you especially when you are going to school. If you do not know how to cook, do not worry - you can find lots of things in supermarkets that are already cooked.

Open a Dutch bank account

You don’t have to open a Dutch bank account, but you may need it for loading money to your student ID card or in some stores that do not accept cash or credit cards. And there’s good news: if you open a student bank account it is free!

Get a museum card

If you love museums, Amsterdam is the perfect city for you! Museum prices are around €10-15, so if you are planning to visit lots of them I recommend you buy a museum card which is valid for one year in over 400 museums!

Cheap shopping

If you want to do shopping but don’t want to spend too much money, you can always find very cheap stores and also flea markets. For grocery shopping you can visit Lidl or Albert Heijn, and also you can find outdoor markets. If you love doing second hand shopping, you can go to Waterlooplein - they have a flea market which is open every day. And also there is another big flea market on the North side of the city. It is called IJ-Hallen and it has 750 stands. Check the schedule because it’s only once a month.

You can find second hand shops everywhere, even in churches

Go beyond the city center

Cafés and restaurants are very crowded if you are in the touristic areas, but if you go to places where local people hang out you can find very nice and cheap options. Jordaan and De Pijp are neighbourhoods where you can find good places for studying or hanging out with your friends. Take your bike and discover Amsterdam, there are so many things to do.

Enjoy your time in this beautiful city, it is going to be perfect!

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