Four things you need to know about Introduction Week

Posted at: 23 May 2019 | Student Affairs

I’m Tran from Vietnam, International Business exchange student at the AUAS. You may be concerned about how and where to make new friends when you arrive in the Netherlands. This post is about the Introduction Week, during which amazing activities are held by ISN (International Student Network) for AUAS and UvA students. Local coaches will connect you with other new international students so you can get to know each other − and Amsterdam.

Having fun exploring beautiful Amsterdam.

1. What is Introduction Week?

Introduction Week is the week before you start studying at your university (UvA or AUAS) and it is filled with activities organised by ISN. It helps new international students to connect with each other. There will be two leaders per team to guide you through almost every activity.

2. Why should you attend?

When you are new to a country, you may feel a little confused about what to do during the first days. You can easily find someone who is in the same situation as you to get to know each other and overcome these struggles. During the Introduction Week, you can meet other new international students and join in a lot of interesting activities together.

Travelling around Europe with my new friends.

3. What activities will be included?

On the first day, you will meet your coaches and your group members to grab some lunch together. Then, you will attend the Official Welcome Event. Next, the most interesting activity, in my opinion, was the Canal Cruise through Amsterdam. After that, it’s time for dinner together and the first International Student Night at CoCo’s pub.

The second day starts with brunch to charge you up for the new day. Then, you attend a Dutch Crash Course. Learning a bit of the local language gives you a sense of being a local, after all. Then, there are various workshops on singing, dancing or arts. After that, you will have time to prepare a traditional dish from your home country for the International Dinner.
On the third and last day, you have an early start with brunch again. Then, you can enjoy some sport activities at the University Sport Center (USC). In the evening, a Party Night at a huge club is awaiting you.

4. Is this the end?

Yes and No. The Introduction Week is over, but you will have numerous interesting activities organised by the ISN throughout the semester. Your coaches will lead group activities like having lunch or dinner together, or traveling somewhere with your group and talking about everything you want to share with each other. You’ll soon make plenty of new friends!

I hope that you can attend the Introduction Week and that you enjoy it as much as I did.
Good luck on your new journey in the amazing city of Amsterdam!

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