How to network like a pro

Posted at: 25 Apr 2019

When I heard the word Amsterdam, these were the things that came to my mind: events, tours, friends from all around the world and having so much fun! But did reality really meet my expectations? And how would I figure out how to network to make the most of my experience?

Ege (far left) during the ISN Supertrip to Vienna.

The answer is...Yes! Amsterdam lived up to my expectations and all my assumptions were true. Now I’ll explain the process of networking and getting involved in events.

First of all, what is this ISN?

ISN (International Student Network) is a student-run organisation dedicated to helping and entertaining exchange students in Amsterdam. ISN Amsterdam is part of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). ESN is an organisation, with 391 units in 36 countries, which exists to make sure that you are going to have the time of your life while studying abroad. The aim of ISN is to help foster student mobility by optimising the social and cultural integration of international students in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is a great base for exploring Europe during an exchange.

Introduction Week

If you want a good start, you should definitely participate in the ISN Introduction Week! This introduction week runs for three days straight and about a thousand international students participate! You’re discovering the city of Amsterdam while having so much fun the whole time. They have a full schedule and you are doing different activities the whole three days and nights. The activities range from sports to international dinners and theme parties.


The first people you will meet in Amsterdam during the Intro Week will remain your friends throughout the whole exchange. After that, you’ll meet many people during a variety of events, not only international students but also Dutch locals. Aside from that, you can join the language exchange programmes if you want to give it a try or teach another person who wants to learn your language!

ISN provides plenty of opportunities to network with other students.

Events in Amsterdam

Because of the ISN organisation, you’ll see lots of different and exciting weekly events during your stay. You’ll see the best places in Amsterdam and visit countless museums, cafes and many more. Don’t forget to buy your Museumkaart!

Tours And Trips

The location of the Netherlands in Europe is ideal for visiting other countries during your exchange. Trains and buses are a convenient way to travel. In addition to that, ISN organizes tours and trips with other tour companies for you! The Supertrip is one of their biggest traveling events and involves a visit to three major European cities each semester. You can join them and have a good time with other international students!

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