Student Ambassadors Programme: It’s a wrap!

Posted at: 20 Jun 2019 | Student Affairs

All good things must come to an end, including our time in Amsterdam. It’s been almost half a year and this has truly been an unforgettable experience for all of us. We all got to experience Dutch culture and student life to the fullest. But before we all head home, we want to share our final thoughts about the past few months.

Since we all got to experience our very own version of life abroad, this blog has quotes from all the members of the Student Ambassadors Programme.

Describe your time here in the Netherlands in three words!

Ece: Multicultural, intense, happy
Nejan: Fun, self-exploration, love
Tran: Challenging but meaningful

What was your favorite moment during your time in Amsterdam?

Nicholas: My favorite moment was for sure King’s Day. I had never before seen a city where everyone wears the same color and has so much fun at the same time.

Nejan: It’s very hard to choose only one moment. I can say that my favorite moments were at the amazing festivals and parties with my friends that I’ve met here, and also just simple casual moments like chilling with friends at a park, spending time at my boyfriend’s house, (who I also met here), or having drinks at Coco’s bar (students’ ultimate guilty-pleasure venue in Amsterdam) with my classmates after our presentations. All such amazing and beautiful times that I’ll always cherish!

Emma: It was just a normal day. I sat in the bar outside, wearing sunglass, grabbing some beers with my friend. I think it was really great because it was one of the sunniest days ever, and the atmosphere was great. I had no worries in my mind. It was amazing moment

In addition to writing blogs, the Student Ambassadors organised an event to help Dutch students prepare for their outgoing exchange.

What’s the thing you missed most during your time abroad?

Nathalia: My family and friends mostly.
Emma: I missed my best friends in Seoul, and sometimes I even missed the hardworking life there, which is quite ironic.
Tran: What I missed the most was the food from my home country.

What’s one funny story of your time in Amsterdam you would like to share?

Nathalia: Don't drink and bike because it can get messy! One time I fell down when I was biking back to my place. At that moment it wasn't that funny but now it’s a good story.

Emma: I lost my bike key and had to cut the lock, or I forgot where I put my bike and I searched for one hour in the same place trying to find it.
Ege: We doing the Canal Tour with my friends and we got stuck under the bridge with the boat and had to push our boat out ourselves to keep moving.

The ambassadors were split into two groups during the semester: Team Blog and Team Event.

What was one thing you just couldn’t get used to?

Nicholas: Probably the weather, it’s way too dynamic and unstable!
Nathalia: The directness of the Dutch people, which can feel like rudeness.
Ece: Having sandwiches for every meal is something I can never get used to.

What is one piece of advice you want to give the students that will study in Amsterdam next semester?

Nathalia: Enjoy it until the end because time flies! I hope you have a good experience. Seize every day of your exchange programme, even the time you'll spend studying, and have fun.

Emma: Enjoy, say yes, participate, interact, and try to be as positive as you can, and find meaningful moments - they are everywhere. Get out of your comfort zone.

Tran: Don’t be too upset or panic when you have a lot of challenges at the same time, like uncomfortable weather, homesickness, school stress, etc. Everything will get better and better as you get used to living here.

As you can see, we all experienced our very own version of this wonderful journey abroad. However, the semester has come to an end and the next batch of exchange students will arrive in a few months already. We really hope we could help you prepare for your time here. Have fun reading through all our posts and good luck with your very own semester abroad!

Sharing experiences and expertise is at the heart of the Student Ambassadors Programme.

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