Surviving Dutch gastronomy!

Posted at: 5 Dec 2019 | Communication

If you are a food lover or you come from a country with one of the best cuisines in the world like I do (Mexico), you may find it difficult to find good places, dishes or snacks to eat in Amsterdam. Dutch gastronomy can be a little bit simple most of the time - even the locals admit it! That’s why I’m going to tell you about some cool places to visit while you live here. Let’s go!

Dutch classics

Even though I mentioned that I’m not a fan of local gastronomy, there are some places that deserve recognition. Pancakes are a classic here, and most of the people would tell you that at De Carrousel you can try some of the best in the city.

Also, you have to try a freshly made stroopwafel or the classic poffertjes (which basically are tiny hot cakes), at the Albert Cuyp market. Another thing you can’t miss are the famous cookies from Van Stapele, but make sure you are not in a rush! Because most of the time you will need to wait in a long line.

Non-Dutch places

The kapsalon was created here in the Netherlands, but surprisingly it reminded me of the food in my home country. It consists of a layer of French fries, topped with shawarma meat, covered with gouda cheese and heated in the oven until the cheese melts. You can find it in any kebab restaurant, but the best one in my opinion is at Eethuis Sinbad.

If you are a fan of hot dogs, fries and milkshakes, Bulls and Dogs will be a heaven for you! Here you can find very crazy and delicious combinations, like the Kinder Bueno Feast milkshake or the Dutch Delight hotdog with pesto cream and cheese.


De Pijp is a very cool and chill zone where you can find bars to go for a drink. Also there are a lot of local breweries like Browerij ‘t IJ, where you can have very good Dutch craft beer, this one is at the other side of town and is located under a windmill.

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Jorge Alexandro,

Student Ambassador from Mexico

Dutch pancakes - you have to try them!

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