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Programme Dates

8-month programme

The Sports Leadership Programme consists of five intensive modules that take place over a span of eight months, with a total course load of 26 days. The modules incorporate a variety of learning methods which include both online and offline activities.

Programme overview - Class of April 2021

Module Date
Virtual kick-off SLP 22 March
Introduction programme and personal leadership 12 April
Module 1: High-performance sports 19 - 22 April
Module 2: Sports & Business 7 - 10 June
Module 3: Sports & Governance 24 - 26 August
Module 4: Sports & Politics 14 - 17 September
Module 5: Sports & Social impact 18 - 21 October
Personal leadership track 17 May, 5 July, 7 September, 4 October, 15 November
Examination Event 19 November
Graduation Ceremony 24 November

Programme overview of the class of November 2021 to be announced

Online or in-person?

Each module has been designed to ensure that participants receive the same challenging, high-quality learning environment, regardless of whether the lessons take place online or in-person. The module Sports & Politics is always taught online, and current, the other modules are scheduled to take place in-person. Before the start of each module, we will assess the current COVID-19 regulations and inform you of any changes. If the modules are offered online, the programme will occur in the same week, but will be spread out over more days.

Other topics

13 April 2021