Start off strong

Your education in September

On August 13 the government announced in a press conference that the 1.5 metre rule in higher education will no longer be in effect from August 30 onwards. This means that all activities can resume on the campuses once more.

AUAS has taken this scenario into account while creating the timetables for next year, so we are completely ready and prepared for it. It will be our great pleasure to welcome you in Amsterdam at your programme’s campus.

The following conditions will, however, apply:

  • When moving through the corridors, face masks are compulsory.
  • A maximum of 75 persons may be present in any space, such as lecture rooms or study rooms.
  • Please self-test! We recommend doing this twice per week.

Your programme will inform you about the details of your introduction and timetable before the start of your programme.

Want to know more about how everything will work at AUAS starting from 30 August, for example what the situation is regarding self-testing, vaccinations and more? Check out the latest information on our corona information website .


Order your free self-tests on . Log in with your HvA-ID (AUAS-ID) and password.

You can do a self-test yourself if you want to quickly find out if you’re infected with the coronavirus. The AUAS requests that all employees and students test themselves preferably twice a week. By testing yourself, you’ll be able to detect infection and prevent the virus from spreading unnoticed. These tests are used on a voluntary basis.

Published by  Communication 18 August 2021