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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find the answers to the frequently asked housing questions. Can't find your answer? Please email housing@hva.nl.

On this page you may find the answer to frequently asked questions about housing for international students. Is your question not on the list? Then check whether you can find the information on one of our housing pages first. Are you still not finding the answer to your question? Then reach out to the housing team via housing@hva.nl

Eligibility requirements

Housing application procedure Bachelor and Master students
Housing application procedure exchange students

Why can’t the AUAS help every student with accommodation?

Amsterdam is a very popular place to live. Students (Dutch and international), as well as many others are looking for places to stay, and therefore affordable housing is scarce. In this tight housing market, AUAS International Student Housing has a limited number of rooms (approx. 600 units) reserved, which can accommodate roughly 60% of the newly incoming international students every semester. Under certain conditions, you may be eligible for AUAS housing. Please contact housing@hva.nl to explore your options.

I am an international student (from e.g. the Dutch Antilles, Suriname) but I will be starting a Dutch-taught study programme in August/September. Am I eligible for housing?

Officially you are not eligible for AUAS housing, as we can only offer housing to students from English-taught study programmes. Please contact housing@hva.nl to explore your options, preferably before June. AUAS housing will be fully booked after June.

I am going to do a part time study programme. Am I eligible for AUAS Housing?

No, unfortunately we cannot assist part time (deeltijd) students. Due to Dutch legislation we cannot offer shortstay rental contracts to part time students. 

I started my studies at the AUAS in September 2022 and did not use AUAS Housing before. Can I still apply for housing?

Unfortunately it is not possible anymore for degree seeking students who already started their studies in September at the AUAS to apply for housing. We advise you to register for waiting time-based platforms and also check our recommendations for finding housing on the private market.

Housing application

Housing application procedure Bachelor and Master students
Housing application procedure exchange students

Why do I have to wait until June to apply for housing? Will it not be too late to search for housing independently if I do not get a room offer from the AUAS?

Unfortunately, we cannot start any earlier with the housing applications. Several AUAS study programmes have different application deadlines up until June. These study applications need to be processed and reviewed. We would like to give everyone a fair chance to apply for housing. Therefore, everyone can apply at the same time on a specific date in June.

Can I share housing with friends or book the same building as my friends or close to my friends?

We do offer a very limited number of shared rooms (sleeping and living together in the same room) in budget category 1, but it is unfortunately not possible to sign up with a friend for flat sharing (having your own seperate bedrooms but share a kitchen/bathroom). If you want to share a flat or apartment together with friends, we advise you to search on the private market instead. Because our housing is allocated on a first come, first served basis it is not possible to indicate a preferred building or location.

Can I share housing with my partner when they are not an AUAS student?

No, unfortunately not. We do offer a very limited number of couples rooms, but both of you need to be an AUAS or UvA student. More information on our locations & room types page.

Housing: locations and providers

Room types and locations
Housing terms and conditions


Can I view any of the housing locations/buildings?

Unfortunately it is not possible to view any locations or buildings before you apply. We work with several different housing providers and our buildings are spread out throughout the city of Amsterdam. Our rooms are also always fully booked. For privacy reasons we cannot show any inhabited rooms. To get an impression of the offered accommodation, you can visit the websites of our housing partners Lieven De Key(opens in new window)DUWO(opens in new window)StuNest-Spartaan(opens in new window)Student Experience(opens in new window) (location Amsterdam NDSM and Minervahaven) and OurCampus(opens in new window).

Can I use AUAS Housing if I have a disability or special needs?

If you have any special needs regarding your accommodation due to a disability or medical condition, please contact housing@hva.nl to discuss your housing options. Make sure that you have an official medical statement with information as to why you have specific needs for your housing. You need to upload the statement in your housing application. Submissions after the housing deadline can unfortunately not be taken into account. If you do not contact AUAS Housing well in advance, it will be unfortunately difficult to meet your housing needs.

Can I bring my pet?

No, unfortunately pets are not allowed in our student accommodations. If you want to bring your pet, we advise you to search for housing on the private market.

Will my room mates/house mates be from the same university/faculty?

All of our housing is also offered via other higher educational institutions in Amsterdam. It is therefore likely you will also be sharing with students from other higher educational institutions (universities or universities of applied sciences).

Are meals included?

No. Your housing offers your own (shared or private) kitchen to cook your own meals. We do not offer any accommodation with meal plans.

Housing fees and other costs

Find out more about housing fees

What is the difference between the AUAS housing fee and the administration fee at the housing provider?

On top of the AUAS housing fee and to finalise your room reservation, you will need to pay a one-time administration fee to the housing provider. This fee is non-refundable and covers the extra costs that are incurred when renting to and providing customised services for international students.

Are there any hidden costs?

All our monthly rental rates include electricity, water, gas and internet. In addition to rent, you must pay administrative fees, a refundable deposit and in some cases local taxes. Our offered housing is not always in walking distance from the university campuses. So please note that public transport in Amsterdam can be expensive. You need to calculate this in your monthly budget. Please also see our cost of living page.

Can I pay the total rent for an entire semester or year upfront?

Sometimes. With some housing providers, it is possible to pay your rent for an entire year or semester upfront. The default option is to pay in monthly installments. Contact your housing provider when you are interested to pay your total rent upfront.

Receiving a room offer

Can I choose a location or building?

Our housing is allocated on a first come, first served basis. It is therefore unfortunately not possible to indicate a preferred building or location. On our housing application platform, you will be asked to indicate your monthly budget. You will be offered a room in this budget, depending on availability.  

In budget category 3, both private rooms with shared facilities and private rooms with private facilities are offered. Can I give a preference for a specific room type?

No, unfortunately we cannot meet any requests for a particular room type in a specific budget category, as this depends on availability. For example: we cannot guarantee a specific request for a private room with private facilities in category 3, as this category also offers rooms with shared facilities. If you want to be certain of receiving a room offer for a private room with private facilities, you could choose for budget category 4, but this depends on your monthly budget of course. We will however try to place as many students in their preferred budget category. We will not offer students a room above their maximum budget category.

Why can I not change the end date of my contract?

The AUAS Housing service offers rental contracts for a fixed period of time (1 or 2 semesters). Therefore it is unfortunately not possible to change the end date of your contract. 

When can I move in?

You will be able to move in from the start date stated in your rental contract. Early arrival is not possible. Late arrival is possible, but you have to contact your housing provider about your arrival date and to arrange your key pick up. 


Find out more on housing regulations

Cancellation policy and refunds

It depends on when you cancel your housing application if you receive a refund. For an overview of the cancellation and refund policy of the AUAS housing fee and the costs that you made when booking your room at one of the housing providers, go to the Housing Regulations page.

I have not received a room offer yet. How do I cancel my housing application?

You can cancel your housing application yourself. Open your housing request via your personal page on MyInfo(opens in new window). After your cancellation, the AUAS housing fee will be refunded within 6 weeks to the creditcard or Paypal account which you have used for our housing application.

I have already received a room offer. How do I cancel my housing application?

Contact housing@hva.nl in order to cancel your housing application. Please note that the AUAS housing fee will not be refunded. 

I have already booked a room and signed my contract. How do I cancel my housing application?

If you want to cancel your room reservation & signed contract, please contact housing@hva.nl. Be aware that you will not be able to reserve another room when you cancel your reservation. It depends on when you cancel your room reservation if you will receive a refund. Check the table above for our refund policy.

I have already arrived in Amsterdam. Can I still cancel my contract?

Our rental contracts are semester contracts with a fixed end date. When you sign your rental contract, you agree with the fixed rental period with a maximum of 1 or 2 semesters. These contracts can only be terminated early when you cancel your study enrolment.

I have terminated my study programme. Can I cancel my housing contract?

Yes. Please get in touch with housing@hva.nl to arrange early termination of your housing contract. Send proof of your study disenrolment. Please note that costs and a term of notice (usually one calendar month) may be involved.

Note for exchange students: leaving Amsterdam before the official end date of your (Erasmus) exchange period does not count as a cancellation of your study enrolment.

During your stay

What should I do with personal issues?

In case of significant personal circumstances, we advise you to contact the student counsellors or student psychologists. They are specialised in assisting international students.

What should I do with issues with room mates?

In case you are experiencing issues with your room mates, you can take the following steps:
1. Try to come to a solution together. If this does not help;
2. You can talk to the building caretaker or Resident Assistant (together). They can act as a mediator. Still no solution?
3. Contact a student counsellor for help and advice.

What should I do with health issues?

In case you are experiencing health issues, we advise you to contact your doctor. Do not have a doctor in Amsterdam yet? Go to the General Practioners Practice AUAS(opens in new window). They are specialised in assisting international students. Make sure you have health insurance, to avoid high costs.

What should I do with maintenance issues?

In case you are experiencing maintenance issues, please contact your housing provider. They handle all maintenance requests.

Privacy and data

What will you do with my personal data after my housing application? (GDPR)

The information sent in the housing application form will be used by the AUAS to offer our housing services. For that reason, the AUAS stores and shares this information with its housing partners and the Municipality of Amsterdam. These housing partners require this information to offer rooms within the contingent of AUAS, while the Municipality needs it to identify you as a resident of Amsterdam. To establish if you are still eligible for accommodation through the housing service of the AUAS, we will save your data for a maximum of 3 years. We may also use this information to approach you for participation in customer research to improve our service.

Questions and support

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