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This years Student Management Team will mainly focus on how to facilitate and control international growth. You will answer questions such as: how can JetSupport ensure its high quality standards on all facilities? You will have acces to industry knowledge and data. Students from all educational programmes at the AUAS are invited to strengthen the JetSupport Student Management Team. Will you help JetSupport with your expertise and knowledge? In case you are selected, you will receive a payment equal to minimum wage for three weeks!

About JetSupport

JetSupport provides technical services and support solutions for business aviation and special purpose aircraft with focus on flexibility, transparency and personal touch. For more information about JetSupport, visit

About the Student Management Team 2020

Coming this November, JetSupport will have been successful for over 20 years as provider of maintenance solutions for business and corporate aircraft and special operations support for the Dutch Coastguard.

All these years we were lucky to welcome our customers at our home base Schiphol, where we found sufficient hangar capacity, to facilitate our growth.
Parallel we managed to attract enthusiastic team players and have seen our taskforce grow to 90 professionals.
The quality of our services, however, was recognised across the Netherlands borders and request become more demanding to provide similar services at other European airports.

The management team has the big question to answer how to facilitate and control that international expansion with respect to (but not limited to):
• Quality
• Culture
• Local manpower
• Local habits and legislation
• Steering and control mechanism

The Summer Management Team is requested to report to the shareholders of JetSupport before the end of this summer concerning at least these topics.

Personal experience

"As a group of 5 students, our task was to redefine the future strategy of JetSupport. We had acces to all kinds of information, staff experience and lots of tools like brown paper. 4 Weeks go fast but we managed to deep en ourselves in the world of business aviation, improve our project and team work skills and give an advice on the future of JetSupport. In addition, lots of side activities were organised like a visit to hangar 32 which made it a truly amazing experience. And not to be forgotten, we worked almost next to the business jets!"
Shen van Dijk, Student Management Team 2019


In case you are selected, you will receive a payment equal to minimum wage for three weeks!

Should you have any questions or require further information please feel free to contact us at

Published by  Faculty of Technology 16 June 2021


Start date 05 Jul
End date 23 Jul