Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

5th Aviation Sustainability Symposium 25 June 2020

Time To Reset!


The Aviation Sustainability Graduates believe that it is time to hit reset! It is time to start with a sustainable mindset focused on four key values: sincerity, cooperation, responsibility, and open-mindedness.

The Aviation Sustainability Graduates stated these key values as the basis for sustainable aviation and believe it is time to rethink the whole aviation sector with these as the main focus. This must not be another project, but a change in behaviour. While businesses are in full operation, it is hard to make great changes in behaviour. But, the world hits the pause button due to the coronavirus. Doesn't this create the perfect chance to make great adjustments regarding sustainability and its key values, while the sector is rebuilding its operation? Isn't this an opportunity to reset the aviation sector?

Therefore, the 5th annual Aviation Sustainability Symposium is organized by the Amsterdam University of Applied Science (AUAS) Aviation Sustainability Graduation Studio. The graduates put great effort into a sustainable aviation sector with their thesis' regarding route network, first and last mile, modalities, waste management, sustainable energy, and sustainable digital technology.

Published by  Faculty of Technology 19 May 2020


Start date 25 Jun 2020


13:00 - 17:00