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Student event Design Sprint: Unmanned Valley, NATO & Boeing present: Project X


How can we autonomously access and evaluate varied hazardous areas/situations that are inaccessible for humans? Does your mind go racing with ideas when reading this challenge? Do you want to dig deeper to understand the issue? Do you believe you can find an innovative solution together with other students? If you are a hbo or wo student from a Dutch university with wild ideas, a passion for technology and an interest in submerging yourself in this Unmanned Valley, NATO & Boeing challenge – we are looking for you!

Unmanned Valley, NATO & Boeing are coming together to organise a student design project. The goal is to come up with a cooperative solution that can autonomously access and evaluate varied hazardous areas or situations that would be inaccessible to human life due to environmental or geographic conditions.
To do this, Project X will start with a Design Sprint (1 week full-time), followed by a paid Student Challenge (12 weeks, 8-10h a week). We will select up to 35 students for the Design Sprint, and during the design sprint, Unmanned Valley, NATO & Boeing will select 10 students to participate in the Student Challenge. What’s more, the team that wins the Student Challenge will demonstrate their solution to world leadership at the NATO summit in Madrid on June 29th & 30th! It is not obligatory to also apply for the Student Challenge if you want to participate in the Design Sprint.

31/01/2022 – 4/02/2022: Design Sprint (Katwijk)

In the Design Sprint, you and your team will go from understanding the problem to building and evaluating a prototype of the solution; all in five days! To do this, a design process is followed in which every day has a specific aim: understanding the problem, ideating on solutions, selecting solutions, building a prototype, and evaluating and presenting. During this rapid design cycle, experts will be available to guide you and provide you with the necessary input. In this week long design sprint, you will work at Unmanned Valley (Katwijk) full-time for 5 days. We will divide you into teams of five students (you can apply alone or with others!). Catering and overnight stay will be arranged (free of charge). Bus transport from a central location in Delft or surroundings to Katwijk (at the start of the design sprint) and back (on Friday February 4th) will be arranged. It will be an exciting week full of inspiration and opportunities (more on that will follow later…)

At the end of the week, the project partners will select two ideas to be further advanced and developed in a 12-week student challenge. If you want to participate in the Student Challenge, the interviews with Unmanned Valley, NATO & Boeing will take place during the Design Sprint.

7/02/2022 – 29/04/2022: Student Challenge (Katwijk, 1day/week)

For the Student Challenge, the selected teams are given work facilities in Katwijk for a (yet to be determined, fixed) day each week, for 12 weeks long. Students should arrange transportation to Katwijk amongst their team members. Moreover, each student selected to participate in phase 2 will be receive a compensation of nearly €1500,-!

The winning team is invited to the NATO summit in Madrid on 29 & 30 June 2022 to give a demonstration of their design to world leadership!

HBO and WO students from all universities can register for the event, as long as you're aware of your required presence in Katwijk, if you are selected to participate in Project X!

Event dates:
Phase 1: 31 January - 4 February 2022 (full time)
Phase 2: 7 February - 29 April 2022 (one day per week)
NATO summit in Madrid: 29 & 30 June 2022

Location: Katwijk

The event is subject to the national covid-19 restrictions at that time. This will most likely mean that participating students will have to be able to present a valid QR certificate at all times during the event.

In case of questions, contact:

7 December 2021


Start date 31 Jan
End date 04 Feb