Tibert Verhagen new professor Emerging Technology for Business

5 Nov 2020 14:44 | Centre for Applied Research Economics and Management

Effective 1 November, the AUAS Executive Board has appointed Tibet Verhagen professor of Emerging Technology for Business. This new professorship will be exploring ways of increasing corporate effectiveness with the help of emerging technologies such as AR/VR, robotics, interactive displays and sensor technology.

Tibert Verhagen obtained his doctorate at VU University Amsterdam in 2003 on the subject of online consumer behaviour. He joined the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences in April 2016, where he helped to establish the Digital Driven Business Master's programme at the Faculty of Business and Economics. In recent years, he has been involved in the AUAS Store Innovation Lab and conducted research on innovative technologies, in-store innovation and e-business.

Professorship of Emerging Technology for Business

Innovative digital technologies such as robotics, AR/VR, interactive screens, the Internet of Things and sensor technology are becoming increasingly common in the business world. The Emerging Technology for Business professorship will be exploring the potential for companies to leverage these technologies for greater impact and more effective business operations. The new professorship will mainly focus on the influence of new technologies on interactions between companies and their customers.

Tibert Verhagen: New applications of digital technologies, such as a service robot or the use of visualisation technology in shops, change the dynamic between companies and their customers. At the same time, developments in emerging technology are raising many questions. For example: are customers actually using the new technologies? How will the introduction of service robots affect the workload of in-store staff? How can technologies be harnessed to compete successfully with other players in your industry?


An important part of the new professorship's research will focus on the applications and impact of robotics. The professorship will also examine the potential contribution of emerging technologies towards a sustainable and more inclusive economy. Tibert Verhagen: 'Businesses can obviously apply new technologies to improve their performance and gain a competitive edge, but emerging technologies' potential contributions to sustainability are just as relevant. Potential applications include shops where customers can get information on the origin of products and their environmental impact through screens, augmented reality and apps. These developments could have a real impact on consumer awareness and purchasing behaviour if they become widely accepted'.

As professor of Emerging Technology for Business, Tibert Verhagen will be working closely with professor of Digital Commerce Jesse Weltevreden within the new Digital Commerce & Emerging Technologies department. The department's research will focus on emerging digital technologies and data-driven marketing. Tibert Verhagen: Digital Commerce is mainly concerned with online marketing and data science, whereas Emerging Technologies is more focused on the physical environment and technology. The two professorships complement each other well; the department really brings together data and technology'.