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In this workshop you will learn about the role and value of data and how you can prevent unwanted use of your data by others. You will also receive tips for conveniently managing your files and dealing with too much information.

During this workshop you will not only receive practical tips in order to organize and clean up your apps and accounts. You will also practice using alternative methods to handle your personal information more securely.

After successful completion of this workshop:

  • you are aware of the amount of information that you receive via apps and accounts, and you have tools to get this information overload under control.
  • you can efficiently manage your files.
  • you will know that data about yourself is inadvertently stored and manipulated, and how to protect yourself against this.

Number of participants

Minimal 4 of participants


The workshops are free of charge


Online training via MS Teams

Published by  HvA Library 23 February 2021


Start date 08 Apr


10:00 - 12:00