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'Yes, we care, so let’s share!' food drive

Target set on 1000 units

2 Dec 2015 10:15 | Amsterdam School of International Business

In the week of 7 – 11 December, IBS students will organise the second “YES, we care, so let’s share”! food drive.

In December 2014, students, lecturers and staff were asked to donate non-perishable food for the homeless community of Amsterdam.  The response was overwhelming and heartwarming and at the end of the week more than 800 units of food were collected and donated to De Volksbond Amsterdam.

This year, the organisers Serena Dania and Maya Pham Thu have set the target on 1000 units. We ask each and every one to support this worthy cause by bringing non-perishable food to the food stand in the reception hall at the Fraijlemaborg from Monday the 7 th of December to Friday the 11 th of December. 

This project not only connects our school and students to the city of Amsterdam and its people, it also represents the true meaning of being part of a community.

Organising team collect over 800 units of food last year.