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Studying in the Innovation Capital of Europe


10 May 2016 00:00 | Amsterdam School of International Business

Studying at the International Business School and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, is studying in the innovation capital of Europe, Amsterdam, according to the European Committee. The European Committee awarded the city of Amsterdam with the title The European Capital of Innovation Award 2016 (iCapital).

Amsterdam was chosen as iCapital 2016 for its holistic vision of innovation related to four areas of urban life: governance, economics, social inclusion, and quality of life. During the finals, Amsterdam had to battle eight other cities, like Berlin, Paris, and Turin.

Innovative initiatives of Amsterdam

The iCapital 2016 selection panel examined all innovative initiatives that the nine cities took since 2013. Initiatives were categorized in four different themes: smart solutions, startups, quality of life and digital social innovations.

Examples of initiatives from the city of Amsterdam, embraced for its bottom-up approach based on smart solutions, startups, livability and digital social innovation, are:

  • The development of a new institute ( Amsterdam Metropolitan Solutions) for the development of solutions for metropolitan issues.
  • The creation of a space to use the city as a ‘living lab’, like Amsterdam Smart City, to test, copy and upscale new solutions.
  • The creation of a CTO Office for the municipality to quickly respond to new technologies and initiatives of stakeholders outside the municipality.

Praised by the judges

The judges commended Amsterdam for its integral vision on innovation. Amsterdam approaches innovation as a bottom up social challenge achieved in corporation with municipalities, research centers, citizens and companies. The power of the city of Amsterdam is its ability to combine and use the creativity and strengths of different stakeholders.

“Amsterdam deserves it to be the European Capital for Innovation. The competition was strong, the outstanding performances of all nine contestants on the short list are an inspiration for other cities. The contestant set an example on how cities could use innovation to improve the lifestyle of citizens and to improve the way companies work”, Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner Research, Science and Innovation.

Promotion video about Amsterdam

Want to know more about the city you will be studying in? Have a look at the promotion video Amsterdam submitted.