Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

FDMCI doctoral research meeting


This autumn, there will once again be a call for proposals for doctoral research at FMDCI, or pre-doctoral research for those who already have preliminary ideas but require preparation time to write a complete proposal. The submission deadline is 1 February 2020. CREATE-IT (the FDMCI Knowledge Centre) is organising this meeting in preparation.

What does the process look like, what is involved? As a PhD candidate, what can you learn from the experiences of others? We will enter into discussion about this with current PhD students and talk with various experts, including lecturers, programme managers and professors, about the value and future of doctoral research at FDMCI.

Register before 23 September via the registration button.

If you have any questions, please contact Femke Glas, research policy officer at FDMCI (



15.00     Arrival

15.10     Welcome by Kresin Frank, Dean of FDMCI

15.20     Doctoral and pre-doctoral schemes: what are they, how does the process work?

15.30     Presentation by PhD candidate Patricia de Vries, Network Culture professorship

16.00     Dialogue with education and research experts

16.10     Presentation by PhD candidate Esther Hammelburg, Crossmedia professorship

16.40     Dialogue with education and research experts

16.50     Conclusion and exchanging of ideas with PhD candidates Marije ten Brink and Femke Glas 

17.00     Drinks

18.00     End

Published by  CREATE-IT Applied Research 4 September 2019