Food for Thought Inspiration session

Be inspired by two contributions from the research group Creative Media for Social Change: about the lucrative use of creative methods in research and how to recruit participants for co-creation sessions


Back with a vengeance: the monthly Food for Thought live inspiration sessions on the Amstel campus! The FDMCI Research Center and the Center of Expertise for Creative Innovation (CoECI) are joining forces to this end and cordially invite researchers, lecturers, students and other interested AUAS colleagues to join us for an hour. The formula is accessible and informal, whereby you can spend your lunch break while enjoying a sandwich: two speakers climb the stage and talk to you – each for half an hour – about current research, new inventions and their lessons learned. The first meeting will take place on Tuesday May 31. from 12:00 to 13:00 in BPH 00B01.

How can you connect culture and retail in urban centers with creative workshops?

It is important to know what people [visitors, customers, local residents and tourists] need during their visit to certain areas. By mapping latent needs, we now know better how companies and institutions can contribute to make this happen.

Ruben Logjes, researcher at the Creative Media for Social Change research group, explains how we have succeeded in confirming a number of assumptions by using creative methods such as Card sorting and making Future scenarios. New insights have also emerged, in particular which categories of values ​​were the most important.

Ruben will give his presentation together with Thijs Uffen, former student of CMD (Communication and Multimedia Design). Thijs explains how his solution can strengthen neighborhood participation and how it has been used as a creative method to find out things that are going on in a certain area and to demonstrate how sensitive certain information is among local residents.

These presentations are related to the research project 'The place to be together'. More background information can be found at the website of Regieorgaan SIA.

Time: from 12:00 to 12:20, followed by a 10-minute opportunity for questions and comments.

How can citizen science and art reinforce each other?

In this contribution, Nadja van der Weide and Roos Verleg, both affiliated with the Creative Media for Social Change research group, enter into a brainstorming conversation about ownership of citizens in citizen science projects based on the research 'The art of the scientific story'-

Trust in science is significantly higher among people who have a lot of knowledge about science, among people who often come into contact with science, or read about it or talk about it with friends and family (Rathenau Instituut 2021).

The key to trust is therefore knowledge of and contact with science - but how do we facilitate forms of science communication that reach people who normally do not come into contact with science? In this study 'The art of the scientific story' we bring curious citizens who have questions in contact with scientists who share their insights in an accessible way.

But how do you find those curious citizens? And how can a target group start to feel like a co-shareholder of a (research) project? Nadja and Roos like to discuss ownership and co-creation in research projects with all audiences with the aim of sharing inspiration, thoughts and worst or best practices.

Time: from 12.30 to 12.50, followed by a 10-minute opportunity for questions and comments.

About the speakers

From an industrial design background (TU Delft) Ruben Logjes has developed into an experienced designer, researcher and consultant. He has been working at the AUAS for 7 years: as a Service Design teacher in the Communication and Multimedia Design (CMD) program and as an Ecosystem Innovation researcher at the Creative Media for Social Change lectorate.

He is involved in various projects - aimed at improving user experiences and matching the wishes of all stakeholders (parties) involved. His interest has always been in connecting different fields by using creative methods and additional analytical work.

Thijs Uffen graduated from the AUAS CMD education department and is currently Test Engineer at Sogeti.

Nadja van der Weide is a teacher at the CO+CB study programme, a researcher at the Creative Media for Social Change research group and an interactive performance maker.

Roos Verleg is a student assistant at the Creative Media for Social Change research group and a podcast maker for the project 'The art of the scientific story'.

Live or online?

This Food for Thought inspiration session will take place live on the Amstel campus in BPH 00B01. Do you prefer to participate in the meeting online? Then log in via this link in MS Teams: Click here to join the meeting

Creative Media for Social Change

Would you like to know more about the Creative Media for Social Change research group of the Research Center FDMCI? Then take a look at this portal.

Published by  Centre for Applied Research FDMCI 16 June 2022


Start date 28 Jun


12:00 - 13:00


Benno Premsela building (BPH)

Rhijnspoorplein 1

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