3D knitting and Innovation for Design and Architecture


Welcome to the Knit-a-verse. The Symposium on New innovations in 3D knitting for Design and Architecture. A 2-day event on September 29th and 30th, 2022 at the Amsterdam University of applied science. Organized by the 3D Knitwear Fieldlab, a project funded by ClickNL, created by the Amsterdam University of Applied Science and NL Next Fashion & Textiles. The Symposium is the final event of the 3D Knitwear Fieldlab project with the purpose of sharing the findings and results of the project, connecting SME’s and knowledge transfer of the latest innovations and research findings.

Day one - new possibilites and innovation within 3D Knitting

During this day we will reflect on the potential and implementation of 3D knit technology in future explorations for garment and aerospace design as well as architecture. Furthermore, the results of the research projects within the 3D Knitwear Fieldlab will be presented and discussed. Within the research of the 3D Knitwear Fieldlab, there was a focus on design methods, production methods, customisation, personalization, individualization, business models and tools/software, that support new kinds of manufacturing. This translated into four different themes: Practically Parametric, Sustainably Distributed, Entirely Personal and Technologically Emergent.

Practically Parametric - Creating personalized parametric products holds many challenges and opportunities. What are the possibilities existing tools offer for creating personalized on-demand design? How do these tools support (or fail to support) automated manufacturing and personalized production? In this project we explore the challenges and possibilities of parametric design (Software and hardware) to enable on-demand manufacturing and detail what is needed in the next generation of systems, detailing software and hardware specifications.

Sustainably Distributed - How can we work with ancestral materials to make a more sustainable 3D knit product service system? How can the field lab ensure that it is more, local, personal and distributed? From fiber through distributed production, this project looks at the system from the fiber to the end of life of garment. What new business models emerge that include sustainability at the core?

Entirely Personal – In high performance situations like sports, health and other space, a 3D knit can mean the difference between victory and failure. How can data-driven ultra-personalized products make the performance of the individual better in extreme situations. This theme looks deeply at the analysis of the individual and looks how professionals can change their processed of design and production for extreme performance situations.

Technologically Emergent - New emergent technologies change the materials, coatings, structures, machinery, and simulation of 3D knit. How could the emergence of new technologies enable new Products Services and systems that include shape changing interfaces, biological fibers, 4D design, soft robotics and computational couture. What new aesthetics, functions, and other opportunities emerge from using data, design and production in new and interesting ways?

Day two - Fashion & Architecture

At the second day we will focus on the fusion and interconnections between these two fields.

Stay tuned for more details about free registration and for the programme, we are looking forward to welcoming you in September!

Published by  Centre for Applied Research FDMCI 1 July 2022


Start date 29 Sep
End date 30 Sep




Malou Beemer