Structural Safety

This new professorship at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences focuses on safety of built environment. This topic has gained interest in view of the recent collapses of the multi-storey car park in Eindhoven and the roof of the AZ football stadium, and also, for example, the issue of replacing the canal walls in the Amsterdam city centre.

The Structural Safety research group is a joint initiative of the AUAS and the national trade associations Betonvereniging (Concrete Association) and Bouwen met Staal (Building with Steel). The research group makes the fundamental research of universities of technology into sustainable construction materials and production techniques applicable in practice. Michiel Horikx: “Despite tremendous technological progress, structural safety seems less and less obvious. It is imperative to continue to ensure the safety of our buildings. This possibility is afforded by a fundamental understanding of the distribution of forces in combination with an integral approach to the problem, which we are working on within the new professorship.”

Published by  Centre for Applied Research Technology 18 June 2020

  dr. ir. M.P. Horikx (Michiel)

Professor of Structural Safety

Tel: 0620540215
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