Urban Analytics

The Urban Analytics professorship investigates how various parties in the city can gain better insight into their data with data science methods, such as data analysis, algorithms and business analytics. These are used with the aim of creating a city that is more sustainable and inclusive, and last but not least more liveable.

The professorship is a collaboration between the Faculty of Technology, the Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries, and the Centre for Mathematics and Information Technology. Working together enables the application of data science methods to many aspects of urban challenges, from targeted measurement to data analysis, visualisation and the development of applications. Urban Analytics connects practice-related data research to fundamental research. This is illustrated by various projects, ranging from image recognition of taxis, city greenery and predicting full waste containers to helping social entrepreneurs measure their impact.

Data Studio

In addition to being a research group, Urban Analytics is the founder and developer of the Data Studio, an environment in which researchers and students can cooperate with companies and government bodies. This is where data, people and knowledge from institutions are brought together in meet-ups, and cooperation takes place in big data projects.

Urban Analytics is one of the professorships within the Urban Technology research group at the Faculty of Technology, as well as one of the eight professorships that together form the Centre for Applied Research of the Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS).

11 November 2019