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Are you curious how the founders of a startup came up with their idea? How they formed their team? What help have they received? When they really stopped believing in it? And when they were sure it was going to work? Then Meet the Founders is the event for you!

During this Meet the Founders founder Mendelt Tillema will tell something about his company UmaMeats. UmaMeats makes hybrid meat products, where taste is central. At UmaMeats they make their burger, but also the Uma sausage, namely from seaweed and beef. Seaweed lowers the risk of diabetes and has many more health benefits. Not only that, it is also a sustainable alternative to meat. Want to know everything about how this company came about? How do they enter into partnerships and how do they overcome challenges as a company? Sign up now for a meet and greet with founder Mendelt Tillema!

Meet the founder-series

During the Global Entrepreneurship Week we organize various (digital) living room conversations with founders of innovative startups. They tell about their start-up journey and you can then ask them any questions to learn from their experience or to discover whether entrepreneurship is something for you.


If you want to use your participation in this event for credits, for example, please send us an email in advance ( We will confirm that you have attended the event (you must be able to use your webcam for this) and afterwards you will receive a confirmation of participation by email.

All events are in principle in English - unless both the speakers and the audience are completely Dutch-speaking. But in both cases participation is always possible, the moderator is always willing to translate your question into English or the Netherlands

Published by  Entrepreneurship 9 October 2020


Start date 17 Nov


10:30 - 11:30