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Podcast Entrepreneurship Education (Tuesday)

Guest: Ineke Bussemaker


Throughout Global Entrepreneurship Week, listen to this podcast every morning about entrepreneurship, education and the challenges that exist in an era of economic transformation. With today as guest: Ineke Bussemaker (Dean of the Faculty of Business & Economics)

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences has a research program into the role of entrepreneurship in economic and social changes in the Amsterdam metropolitan region. We do this by working with stakeholders to investigate how entrepreneurs anticipate social developments and changes, and which new business models this leads to. We start this research with the training of the entrepreneur, who can respond responsively to new challenges in the field of digitization, globalization and sustainability. The question is what the training and the aforementioned challenges mean for their attitude and behavior.

These issues are also central to the podcasts included in the Global Entrepreneurship Week. Every day an expert is given the floor to reflect on these challenges.

On Tuesday, we will have a conversation with Ineke Bussemaker, dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics, about her vision on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship and the role that the AUAS plays in this with the development of the MRA and social and economic developments in mind.

Published by  Entrepreneurship 10 October 2020


Start date 17 Nov


09:30 - 10:00