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We kick off the Global Entrepreneurship Week for researchers with two inspiring keynotes followed by a Q&A. Looking at this time of economic transformation, but also volatility and uncertainty, the question is what the role of entrepreneurship and innovation is. And this morning we will look at how applied research can contribute to insights into the role that innovative, sustainable and inclusive entrepreneurship can play in times of economic transformation.

During this online keynote, Kate Raworth will share her vision of driving a shift from entrepreneurship where profit and quick wins are central, and the steps needed to create local and global ecosystems that support business models that act in harmony with a collective. target. And in particular: how can research and education in the field of entrepreneurship help us in this?


Kate Raworth

Kate Raworth is professor of practice at AUAS and global opinion leader on the discussion about sustainability and the importance of connecting ecological challenges with inclusivity.

Dr. Ingrid Wakkee

Ingrid Wakkee is AUAS-wide lecturer in entrepreneurship and she leads and directs a research group in which research is conducted into business models, entrepreneurial failure & recovery and entrepreneurship education in the context of economic transformation.

Research Meet-up

This research meetup during the Global Entrepreneurship Week consists of four different parts, it is possible to follow the program in its entirety as well as separately. The parts are:

  • The keynotes
  • The panel discussion
  • The Break-out Sessions
  • The Poster event

Entrepreneurship research in the GEW

During the Global Entrepreneurship Week, we devote a lot of attention to applied research at AUAS. There are several events and meetings for researchers, lecturers and students to be inspired by the results of research from within and outside the AUAS. But also opportunities to participate now or in the future.

All entrepreneurship research events are in English, but the moderators present will be happy to translate your question or comment from Dutch into English.

Published by  Entrepreneurship 9 October 2020


Start date 17 Nov


09:30 - 11:00