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After the keynotes by, among others, Kate Raworth, we will discuss the message of the speeches with a panel consisting of various AUAS lecturers. On the basis of statements, they then enter into a discussion about the role and future of entrepreneurship research at AUAS. How are we doing, and what is still needed as a result of the key note to make entrepreneurship research and education future-proof.


Dr. Inge Oskam

Dr. Stan Majoor

Dr. Tibert Verhagen

Dr. Willem van Winden

Research Meet-up

This research meetup during the Global Entrepreneurship Week consists of four different parts, it is possible to follow the program in its entirety as well as separately. The parts are:

  • The keynotes
  • The panel discussion
  • The Break-out Sessions
  • The Poster event

Entrepreneurship research in the GEW

During the Global Entrepreneurship Week, we devote a lot of attention to applied research at AUAS. There are several events and meetings for researchers, lecturers and students to be inspired by the results of research from within and outside the AUAS. But also opportunities to participate now or in the future.

All entrepreneurship research events are in English, but the moderators present will be happy to translate your question or comment from Dutch into English.

Published by  Entrepreneurship 9 October 2020


Start date 17 Nov


11:00 - 12:00