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Round table: Combining studying and entrepreneurship


Combining studies and (successful) entrepreneurship is not always easy. Maybe your schedules and appointments do not match? Do peak moments in the company overlap with your exam week? And how does what you learn in your company relate to the requirements of the training, and can smart combinations be made? These are a few of the themes that we would like to discuss with each other during the round table 'combining study and entrepreneurship'.

During this round table, we have a panel of experts who, based on a number of statements and situations, discuss the combination of studying and entrepreneurship, the way in which the AUAS could facilitate this, but also the quality of education and entrepreneurship.

In addition to the experts, you as a participant can also participate in various ways and give your opinion during the event. There is enough space to ask questions to the experts or to give your opinion or situations and statements.

The experts:

Dr. Ingrid Wakkee

Ingrid is the entrepreneurship lecturer for the AUAS and in that role she is responsible for looking at what science says about how you can provide the best entrepreneurship education and support (student) entrepreneurs. In addition, Ingrid in her role is responsible for, among other things, the special entrepreneurial scheme and the 'graduate in your own company' charter.

Martijn de Coo

Martijn is a student… and a member of the AUAS Central Participation Council. In this role, Martijn tries to represent all students of the AUAS and to see how the AUAS can offer them the best possible education, and therefore also for student entrepreneurs.

The outcome of the round table

We naturally want to use the round table to see what already is going well, but also to see where the opportunities lie for doing better. What choices do we have to make?

The advice, ideas and suggestions are all recorded in a drawing, in this way we sketch a joint vision of the future, but also the way to it.

Join this event now!

If you want to use your participation in the event for educaational credits you can send us an email in advance ( If you do this we will conffirm your attandence (your webcam needs to be opperational for this). And after the event you will receive confermation of your participation in the event by e-mail.

In general, all events will be held in English - unless all the speakers and the audience speak Dutch. But it is always possible to participate, the moderator will be happy to help you by translating your questions or remarks into Dutch or English.

Published by  Entrepreneurship 9 October 2020


Start date 17 Nov


16:00 - 17:30