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SDG 11 & Entrepreneurship

Sustainable Cities & Communities


Do you want to know how you can contribute to sustainable cities with innovation and entrepreneurship? Do you want to know exactly what's going on in this world in which more and more people live together in cities? Or be inspired to eventually come up with your own idea for sustainable cities and communities? Then this event is with expert Anne-Marie Rakhorst and the founder of Spectral Energy.

Innovation and entrepreneurship are crucial for sustainability and that is precisely the reason that we zoom in on a number of specific Global Goals during the Global Entrepreneurship Week at AUAS.

This meetup is all about SDG 11 - sustainable cities & communities. More than the others, this SDG has both the solution and the problem in it. Because on the one hand, we increasingly live together in cities worldwide, which causes a lot of pollution, nuisance and many logistical challenges. But also in the time of Covid, for example, you see many sources of infection in cities because people simply live close to each other.

But in cities people from different backgrounds also work, learn and live together. And this creates a great opportunity when it comes to tackling challenges together and coming up with solutions for them.

Because cities are full of challenges and opportunities, during this meeting we will discuss how we stand in this area in the world and in the Netherlands. What are the concerns? What exactly should be done? How high is the bar? But also: where are the opportunities? Is it realistic to achieve the goal? If so, what are the challenges? And how can you contribute to this goal with entrepreneurship?

SDG 11 & Entrepreneurship

SDG 11 expert: Anne-Marie Rakhorst

Entrepreneur and founder of Spectral Energy

Anne-Marie Rakhorst, coordinator SDG 11 Alliance and founder explains in a session of 20 minutes what SDG 11 stands for, how the Netherlands is doing and why achieving the goal is so important. The founder of Spectral Energy is then given the floor for the next 20 minutes. There is of course still plenty of room for questions to both speakers.

Do you want to be inspired on how you can contribute to the SDGs? Then this is the meetup for you!


If you want to use your participation in this event for credits, for example, please send us an email in advance ( We will confirm that you have attended the event (you must be able to use your webcam for this) and afterwards you will receive a confirmation of participation by email.

All events are in principle in English - unless both the speakers and the audience are completely Dutch-speaking. But in both cases participation is always possible, the moderator is always willing to translate your question into English or the Netherlands

Published by  Entrepreneurship 9 October 2020


Start date 17 Nov


14:00 - 15:00