AUAS and University of Manitoba join forces

10 Oct 2019 10:37 | Faculty of Health

The Faculty of Health at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and the College of Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Manitoba are about to embark on an intensive cooperation. They will join forces to tackle the three themes of health-care technology, inter-professional cooperation and working with vulnerable groups.

Dean Wilma Scholte op Reimer (AUAS Faculty of Health and Faculty of Sports and Nutrition), several professors and the persons coordinating this collaboration will travel to Winnipeg, Canada in November to formulate the plan for the coming two years together meet the University of Manitoba (UM).

Thanks to a recently awarded Erasmus+ grant, five lecturer-researchers from the Faculty of Health will teach at the Canadian university and five of their lecturer-researchers will come to AUAS. The selection process will begin somewhere in the near future.

With this international partnership, the Faculty of Health at AUAS and the University of Manitoba hope to reinforce their education as well as their research, including through the exchange of practical experiences.

Improved access to health care

The provision of health care does not reach everyone in the Netherlands and Canada to the same extent. Certain minority groups make less use of healthcare services, because it is insufficiently clear to them how they can obtain the right care for their health problems. To this end, both the Faculty of Health at AUAS and the University of Manitoba consider making health care more 'inclusive' to be an important research subject.

For example, the UM is conducting research into and together with indigenous peoples in Canada, who make less use of health-care services than other Canadians. Amsterdam has similar problems with groups who make less use of health-care services, such as people from a migrant background and/or a lower socio-economic status. As a result, working with these vulnerable groups and helping them gain better access to health care is one of the areas in which AUAS and the UM will join forces.

Inter-professional cooperation

Another focus point for both the Faculty of Health at AUAS and the UM is inter-professional cooperation. As prospective care professionals, students from various medical and paramedical professions must learn to work together (dutch). Since Canada as a country recognises the importance of inter-professional cooperation in education and research, the two institutes will cooperate in this field as well.

Using sensors for rehabilitation

Finally, AUAS and the UM will exchange knowledge and best practices in relation to health-care technology. Margriet Pol, lecturer-researcher in occupational therapy at AUAS, recently presented the results of her research into the use of sensors to help older people rehabilitate following a hip fracture to the Canadian partners. She did so in the form of an online lecture. Since then, Pol has submitted a grant application to the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (ZonMw) for ‘Ambient Assisted Living , a new project into ‘sensor monitoring’ together with the University of Manitoba.