Protein in the hospital

gaining perspective and moving forward


Provision of adequate protein is crucial for optimizing outcomes in hospitalized patients. However, the methodologies upon which current recommendations are based have limitations, and little is known about true requirements in any clinical population. In this tutorial, we aim to give clinicians an understanding of how current protein recommendations were developed, an appreciation for the limitations of these recommendations, and an overview of more sophisticated approaches that can be applied to better define protein requirements. A broader perspective of the challenges and opportunities in determining clinical protein requirements can help clinicians think critically about the individualized nutrition care they provide to their patients with the goal of administering adequate protein to optimize outcomes.

Reference Kuchnia, A. J., Teigen, L., Nagel, E., Ligthart-Melis, G., Mulasi, U., Weijs, P., & Earthman, C. P. (2018). Protein in the hospital: gaining perspective and moving forward. JPEN. Journal of parenteral and enteral nutrition, 270-278.
Published by  Faculty Sports and Nutrition 1 February 2018

Publication date

Feb 2018


Adam J. Kuchnia
Levi Teigen
Emily Nagel
Gerdien Ligthart-Melis
Urvashi Mulasi
Carrie P. Earthman

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