Actie op het veld

Een visuele benadering van negentiende-eeuwse voetbalgeschiedenis in Nederland


This article illustrates the ‘visual turn’ approach to sports history in an analysis<br/>of traditionally under-researched material from the late nineteenth century. Focusing on football (‘soccer’) action photography, we argue that interpreting this visual material contributes significantly to the exploration and interpretation of the broader social and cultural context within which sports were practised and<br/>the visual material was produced. Regarding the latter, the photographer’s challenge was to capture the movement inherent in the practice of sports generally and of football specifically. Our analysis explains the time at which these pictures first appear as a consequence of developing possibilities and skills in ongoing photographic experimentation. This is illustrated by a case study of a football action photograph from the archives of the Noorthey Institute for boys in Voorschoten, dating from 1895-1897. There, conducting sports was seen as a way of enhancing the students’ physical and mental strengths, including improved study performance. It took place in an atmosphere of camaraderie among teachers and students, the latter acting as supervisors and teammates at the same time. Beyond the texts, the photographs visualize what this educational approach entailed in actual practice

Referentie Luitzen, J., & Zonneveld, W. (2017). Actie op het veld: Een visuele benadering van negentiende-eeuwse voetbalgeschiedenis in Nederland. De Moderne Tijd, 1(1), 27-50.
Gepubliceerd door  Faculty Sports and Nutrition 1 januari 2017


jan 2017


Wim Zonneveld
Wim Zonneveld


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