Summer School


If you come to Amsterdam to attend the AUAS Summer School, you will need a place to stay. You can arrange this yourself, or stay in a student accommodation (social housing) arranged by the AUAS Summer School.

Please note that the deadline for application with housing arranged by AUAS has passed on 22 May 2022. Participants who register for one of our courses after this date need to arrange a place to stay on their own.

Housing arrangements of your own

If you are not registered for housing arranged by the AUAS Summer School you have to arrange your own accommodation. There are many ways to do so. Either through airBnB, through friends or family, in youth hostels or hotels, or through international student boards. Please be aware that the summer is a busy time in Amsterdam, so make sure you book well in advance.

Some options:

Youth hostels:

Housing arranged by AUAS

Update: It is no longer possible to apply for a course with housing arranged by AUAS. Participants who register for a course after 22 May 2022 have to arrange an accomodation by themselves.

All housing is first-come-first-served: make your plans early, and indicate on your application if you will be applying for an accommodation. There is a limited number of rooms available, and you are not able to choose the location of your building/room. We aim to house participants from the same course together, but keep in mind that this is not always possible since housing in Amsterdam is scarce.

The AUAS partners with DeKey to make rooms available for short-stay. This year (2022) most of the rooms are private dorms, with shared washrooms and kitchen/lounge facilities. A few rooms have shared dorms and shared facilities. Rooms include basic furnishings, and we recommend that you bring your own comforts from home.

Please keep in mind that student accommodations are similar to social housing in The Netherlands. This means that the standards may differ from what you are used to from your own university. Please have a look at the website of DeKey for more details about the building and the rooms.

An AUAS room during the Summer School of 2022 will cost you €407. Please note that it is not possible to extend your stay in housing, or to arrive early. If you require more time in Amsterdam before or after the fixed housing dates (refer to the individual programme page), you will need to book accommodation for those times on your own.

More information: student housing in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a popular summer destination for people from around the world. Due to limited urban space and high demand, affordable housing is extremely challenging to find. Student accomodations are basic dwellings, low-cost, and located throughout the city. Amsterdam has a well-integrated public transportation network, or you can do as the Dutch do, and ride your bike to the campus.

Published by  AUAS Summer School 23 May 2022