Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Summer School

Partner universities

As your partner university we would like to offer your student the best experience during their summer in Amsterdam. We care to help them grow academically, to show them our country and Amsterdam. In other words, we would like for them to have the summer of a lifetime.

Are you one of our partner universities? Please check the list below to see if your university is one of our partner universities.

What benefits do your students have?

Students from AUAS' partner universities are entitled to a discount on their tuition fee. This discount is additional to the possible early bird discount on applications before 1 april 2022.

What do we offer your students?

We offer academically challenging courses in different educational fields. Moreover, we offer two types of housing for students and an exciting social programme to let the students have a real taste of Amsterdam.

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Contact and collaboration

If you would like to collaborate with us or receive more information on how to send multiple students to our summer school, please send us an email via summerschool@amsterdamuas.com.

Published by  AUAS Summer School 1 October 2021