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Inclusive Area Development

For persistent local, social, ecological and economic challenges

Amsterdam and the surrounding region face the challenge of building considerable amounts of housing in the years ahead (see the spatial developmental strategy Koers 2025 and regeneration and urban optimisation program Ontwikkelbuurten). Further, the aim is to develop a new approach to the redevelopment of the existing city.

How can we make spatial development more inclusive to ensure that the city remains diverse, liveable and attractive in the future? The proposed housing developments will have a huge impact on the city, both now and in the future. Inclusive Area Development means that the construction of housing and the redevelopment of various neighbourhoods will be utilised to tackle persistent local, social, ecological and economic challenges.

The theme of Inclusive Area Development combines knowledge in the fields of spatial, social, economic and governance transitions to carry out action research in collaboration with municipalities, housing corporations and other partners in the field. The objective is to develop new arrangements and specific, sustainable solutions. In this context, we enhance policy processes with current knowledge and bridge the gap between local residents, entrepreneurs and developers with regard to specific local challenges and opportunities.

When it comes to finding solutions for persistent challenges, the research programme does not limit itself to Amsterdam's municipal boundaries. The lack of space for new housing, businesses, tourism and mobility has led to more intensive collaboration between municipalities in the Amsterdam metropolitan area. Our objective for the coming period is to develop the theme towards a metropolitan research programme.

Published by  Urban Management 4 April 2018

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