The research program of Urban Technology is closely connected with three bachelors of the Faculty of Technology: Built Environment, Engineering and Logistics. Students and lecturers of these programmes actively participate in the research. The knowledge that our research produces is made available for the training of students and professionals.

Centres of Excellence are also engines for innovation in higher education. Increasingly important are the interdisciplinary knowledge and skills of future professionals in the private sector and administration, as well as decision-makers in the EU driving and implementing innovation throughout our cities. Technical engineers need to be aware of the social and economic conditions and impacts; social engineer need to work closely with the technical people in the construction and planning departments. We cooperate closely with the multidisciplinary Minor Energy Positive City and are developing a Master Urban Technology.

Published by  Centre for Applied Research Technology 18 June 2020

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Thierry Verduijn

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Ms  dr. M. MalĂ©-Alemany (Marta)

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