Energy Transition

Ensuring a secure, sustainable and effective clean energy transition system is one of the European Union’s priorities and one of the key elements of the Energy Union. Cities will play a key role in the transformation of the energy sector by changing the way they use energy. They are responsible directly or indirectly for approximately three quarters of all energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions so cities have an important role in helping us meet the decarbonisation objectives of the EU.

In the area of energy transition, we make a concrete contribution to the climate ambitions of the municipality of Amsterdam and the challenges surrounding natural gas-free neighbourhoods, the growth of sustainable generation and the integration of electric transport. This requires new solutions and practice-oriented knowledge, which are already being developed in our ongoing (European) research projects.

Our research addresses the design and realisation of energy-positive districts and flexible climate mitigation options for heating and cooling in buildings, energy efficiency and solutions for integration of renewable energy in the city. We research grid integration of electric mobility and the design of future electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Published by  Centre for Applied Research Technology 18 June 2020