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WRITIC – online assessment course

The WRITIC-assessment is an occupation-based assessment to evaluate handwriting readiness in kindergarten children aged 5–6. It can be administered in the pre-writing phase to children about whom teachers have concerns regarding their handwriting readiness. We recommend administering the WRITIC five to six months ahead of the start of handwriting education.


The WRITIC-assessment consists of three domains, with every domain composed of two subdomains. These are ‘Interest’ and ‘Sustained attention’ for the ‘Child’ domain, ‘Physical environment’ and ’Social environment’ for the ‘Environment’ domain and ‘Task performance’ and ‘Performance intensity’ for the ‘Paper-and-pencil tasks’ domain.

The WRITIC-assessment has to be administered in the classroom. First, the child’s interests in paper- and-pencil tasks are evaluated by means of a short interview. After that, the child is encouraged to complete five paper-and-pencil tasks in a drawing booklet while the assessor observes and scores the performance.

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For whom

This course is aimed at paediatric occupational therapists, paediatric physiotherapists, paediatric exercise therapists and teachers in primary school.

Key learning objectives

This instruction course resuls in the following skills:

  • Insight into the background, objective and working method of the WRITIC-assessment.
  • Skills in reliable administration of the WRITIC-assessment in practice.


During the course, you will receive information on the background, development and content of the WRITIC-assessment. The administration and interpretation of the WRITIC-assessment is rehearsed extensively. You will also receive information about recommendations and intervention.

After the study day, you will be able to use the WRITIC-assessment reliably in professional practice.

Course material

You will receive the study material (sheets), the drawing booklet and the score forms in digital form at the start of the course. Participants are requested to purchase the WRITIC manual (e-book in English) ‘Ready for handwriting? Writing Readiness Inventory Tool In Context (WRITIC)’ before the start of the course. The e-book can be purchased from Amazon.


Liesbeth de Vries is an occupational therapist running her own private practice, known as ‘Occupational therapy and more’. She graduated from HAN University of Applied Sciences in 2003 and completed the European Master of Science in Occupational Therapy degree programme in 2009. Before starting her own practice, she worked as an occupational therapist at Radboudumc in Nijmegen and at the children’s rehabilitation centre at the UMCG-CVR location Beatrixoord in Haren. She has been involved in the development of the WRITIC as a researcher since 2009.

Margo van Hartingsveldt is program manager and professor of Occupational Therapy at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. In 2014, she obtained her doctorate from Radboud University in Nijmegen with the thesis ‘Ready for handwriting? Development of the Writing Readiness Inventory Tool In Context (WRITIC) for kindergarten children in the pre-writing phase’. After completing her training, she worked as a paediatric occupational therapist at various locations for more than 25 years.

Liesbeth de Vries and Margo van Hartingsveldt

Date and location

The course will be offered online.


The costs for this course are €295 per participant. Study materials, the drawing booklet and the score forms are included in the price.

The WRITIC manual ‘Ready for handwriting? Writing Readiness Inventory Tool In Context (WRITIC)’ is excluded and can be purchased prior to the start of the course.

In-company training

Do you prefer in-company training? Please contact us at writic@hva.nl for questions and more information about our prices.

General terms and conditions

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If you have any questions regarding the WRITIC instruction course please contact us by email: writic@hva.nl.

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