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WRITIC – online instruction course for translation teams


For those in the academic field who are interested in translating the WRITIC-assessment for use in their own country, we offer a half-day online instruction course. After taking the course, you will be proficient in administering and scoring the WRITIC-assessment. The course will be taught by our expert Liesbeth de Vries MSc OT.

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For whom

This instruction course is aimed at small groups of paediatric occupational therapists/researchers (up to four people) who work at a higher education institution and would like to translate the WRITIC-assessment into their own language and implement it in their country.

The instruction course is a mandatory part of the process of translation and implementation of the WRITIC-assessment in your country. At the start of this process, a license agreement will be drawn up in consultation with the developers of the WRITIC-assessment (Dr Margo van Hartingsveldt and Liesbeth de Vries MSc OT). We are more than open to collaborating on international projects regarding the implementation of the WRITIC-assessment. Please contact us if you are interested in the WRITIC for your country.

Key learning objectives

  • Be informed about WRITIC development and research
  • Have knowledge of the WRITIC structure and domains
  • Know how to score the domains
  • Know how to interpret the scores


  • WRITIC development
  • WRITIC domains
  • Scoring the WRITIC
  • Interpreting the WRITIC

Course material

You will receive the study material (sheets), the drawing booklet and the score forms in digital form at the start of the course. Participants are requested to purchase the WRITIC manual (e-book in English) ‘Ready for handwriting? Writing Readiness Inventory Tool In Context (WRITIC)’ before the start of the course. The e-book can be purchased from Amazon.


Liesbeth de Vries is an occupational therapist running her own private practice, known as ‘Occupational therapy and more’. She graduated from HAN University of Applied Sciences in 2003 and completed the European Master of Science in Occupational Therapy degree programme in 2009. Before starting her own practice, she worked as an occupational therapist at Radboudumc in Nijmegen and at the children’s rehabilitation centre at the UMCG-CVR location Beatrixoord in Haren. She has been involved in the development of the WRITIC as a researcher since 2009.

Liesbeth de Vries


The price for this tailored instruction course is €709,-.

The WRITIC manual (e-book) is not included and can be purchased online. If you would like to order a hard copy of the manual, please let us know on the application form. We can send you a hard copy for €55 + shipping costs.


The duration of the course is half a day (4 hours) in contrast to the 1 day that is stated above.


If you have any questions regarding the WRITIC online instruction course, please contact us by email at writic@hva.nl.

Published by  Urban Vitality 20 June 2022