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Pre-conference workshop

Understanding the role of activities and occupations in transforming contemporary society

This is a pre-conference meeting of the International Social Transformation through Occupation Network for the conference: “Europe in Transition: Impact on occupation and health” organised by Occupational Science Europe and the Hogeschool van Amsterdam on 30th and 31st August 2019 at the same venue.

The Social Transformation through Occupation Network is aiming to bring together a world-wide multi-sectoral group of people, inclusive of professionals, service users, researchers, students, teachers, members of the public, politicians, and others, who are interested in and committed to mobilizing occupation as a means to enact social transformations that ameliorate social, health and occupation-based inequalities.

The network is committed to being actively involved in gathering information, providing ideas, and creating pathways towards solutions of how to tackle issues of social, health, and occupational inequalities from an occupation-based perspective. The network is also committed to bringing together diverse theoretical perspectives and practices, viewing such diversity as essential to moving social transformation through occupation forward.

An occupational perspective proposes that the everyday occupations people engage in as individuals, families and communities contribute to health and well-being and also are fundamental to social transformation. Through occupations, humans orchestrate not only their lives, but also their family, neighbourhoods, communities and societies.

This pre-conference workshop is the 3rd working meeting to be organised by the network. We aim to contribute to working on the complex social problems, such as labour conditions, unemployment and underemployment, poverty, inequality, migration, neoliberal political and economic agendas, proliferation of political extremism and populism, decline of human rights and unresolved sustainability issues, that require multi-sectoral and interdisciplinary approaches together with the people affected by these developments. We understand that social well-being, justice, inclusion, participation and citizenship, require critical perspectives that strengthen collective and individual commitment, action, engagement and empowerment. They require change in our everyday activities or occupations, how we live together in our neighbourhoods and cities.

This workshop aims to bring together all those who are committed to being actively involved in gathering information, providing ideas, and creating pathways towards solutions of how to tackle issues of social and health inequalities. While many groups and individuals are interested in and are working on these issues, we believe that further dialogue is required to share each other’s practical experiences, as well as theoretical perspectives. This workshop will provide opportunities for multiple perspectives to be heard and partnerships to be developed towards action and change.

The morning sessions will be organised around themes. These will be developed around the participants’ thematic areas of interest (e.g. unemployment, migration, sustainability…), interest in relevant concepts (e.g. citizenship, social justice…) and/or focus on specific transformative goals (e.g. empowerment, resilience, participatory research…). Initially all participants will have the opportunity to present a 5-minute pitch on their research interest or practice experience in thematic groups, followed by dialogue to explore the issues from multiple perspectives.

The afternoon sessions will offer opportunity for the development of projects and partnerships to work further on particular themes or topics. It is intended that many participants will leave the day with plans for future interdisciplinary collaborations and developments in practice and research.

We invite practitioners and researchers with a range of experiences in occupational science and occupation-based social transformation, and particularly encourage whose new to the field who pursue an occupation-based focus in their work. This study day aims to bring together people with a diverse range of experiences and perspectives, whether from life experiences, from professional or disciplinary positions, with a desire to engage in dialogue with others towards action.

Practical information

  • Date and time: Thursday 29th August. 09.30 – 16.30
  • Fee: 50 Euros (lunch included) 

For any further information please contact the organising committee of the pre-conference workshop at: ISTTONetwork@gmail.com.

Registration will start 6 march through this website. 

Published by  Faculty of Health 22 August 2019