Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Urban Vitality


Roshan Galvaan

Occupational Science in Transition: Occupational Science has the opportunity to address social inequality through critically theorising about human occupation. Drawing on curriculum innovations and socially transformative praxis in South Africa, this keynote will discuss generative possibilities for doing occupational science.

Ignaas Devisch

Restlessness: Plea for an immeasurable life. Have we lost the ability to do nothing in our modern society? Do we become restless during our attempts to lead a balanced life, or could restlessness be used to drive us forward? Ignaas Devisch, Professor in Philosophy, Medical Philosophy and Ethics will share a historical and philosophical view on our relationship with time, balance and boredom in daily life.

“Philosophy in my view is dancing on the skin of time: standing still in the stream of events of where we are part. We can understand our time better by looking back.”

Margarita Mondaca Arriagada

After recently defending her PhD titled “It’s My Party: Opportunities for older adults to influence everyday activities in a nursing home setting”, Dr. Margarita Mondaca Arriagada will hold a keynote titled: “Towards a Responsive Occupational Science in Europe.

Adriaan Luteijn

Luteijn enjoys ‘serendipities’, special opportunities that cross his path and that also inspire people with whom he creates choreographies for special occasions. These can be actors, urban dancers, older people, people with a physical and/or mental handicap, all of whom he places alongside professional dancers, and almost always with remarkable results. As the artistic manager and choreographer of Introdans Interaction (the third Introdans department, alongside the ‘big’ group and the Ensemble for Youth), Luteijn feels it’s important to build bridges. And in his view of things, dance is a superb, non-verbal way of doing that.

Published by  Faculty of Health 8 July 2019