Centre of Expertise Urban Vitality

Physiotherapy - Transition of Care for Patients with Complex Needs

The Physiotherapy - Transition of Care for Patients with Complex Needs professorship explores how tailor-made diagnostics and treatment of health issues relating to functional movement can be used to deliver efficient and effective care. This ‘tailor-made care’ involves multiple disciplines working together to improve diagnostics and treatment.

The professorship affiliated with the Physiotherapy degree programme at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences conducts research in conjunction with the special chair in Physiotherapy at the UvA and the special chair in Rehabilitation Medicine at the AMC. Findings from this research are also incorporated into the curriculum of the AUAS Physiotherapy degree programme.

The research, patient care and education undertaken by the professorship and the special chairs are centred on the ‘Complex Care’ priority area that forms part of the Urban Vitality programme. In the past few years, researchers have broadened their scope to look at the entire healthcare chain involved in treating hospital patients with complex needs, with a particular focus on the transition from hospital to primary healthcare (i.e. care transition).

Published by  Faculty of Health 20 July 2023